To Ensure Gold Traders and Miners have access to the highest gold price possible wherever they are located, and also make a profit everytime they trade in gold.

-BullionScope Mission Statement-

The BullionScope system is the result of my deep commitment to the progress of my country Papua New Guinea and its people.

More than 20 years of my personal experience from working with alluvial gold traders and miners from across Papua New Guinea have helped me shape the BullionScope system. It is a solution to some of the issues that are faced by the people in the industry in the rural areas, especially the issue of pricing.

The gold from the rural mining villages and towns of PNG moves through a distribution channel made up of alluvial miners and gold traders and licensed gold exporters into the international bullion market. It can take up to 2-3 weeks for the gold to move through this channel. On many occasions a lot of alluvial miners and gold traders have lost money when the gold price suddenly dropped while they were still getting their gold to the market through this distribution channel.

The introduction of the BullionScope lock in price system will solve the pricing issues for gold traders and miners by:

Providing a fair gold price, if not the highest gold price, at any point in time to Gold Traders and Miners as long as they have internet access;

Providing gold traders the ability to lock in gold price, and therefore lock in their profit - never making a loss again;

Putting more money into the pockets of alluvial miners. This is because gold traders can now confidently pay higher prices to the alluvial miners in remote locations without the worry of losses from sudden drop in gold prices.

During 2019 we will be conducting training seminars to train any person who is interested to use the system. The aim of the seminars is to ensure that everybody that signs up to use the system can fully utilise it to make a profit.

It is my sincere hope that all gold traders and miners will never make a loss again because of a sudden and huge drop in gold price. And all miners in remote locations will now get the highest gold price possible at any point in time delivered into the palm of their hands via their mobile phone.

Michael Bole

Chief Executive Officer