1. What is a BullionScope Trader?

You must be registered first as a BullionScope Trader before you can start using a computer or the BullionScope Trader App on your mobile phone to lock in your gold price and access other services specific to registered users.

Someone who is not a BullionScope Trader can still walk in and sell their gold at one of our offices. You will be paid whatever the price is at the time you lodged your gold if you do not lock in your gold price before walking into any of our offices to sell.

2. How to Register for BullionScope Trader.

You are required to complete the following procedures before you can be registered as a BullionScope Trader:

  1. Attend a one day training seminar on how to fully use the system. You will be given a Certificate after the seminar. (Follow this link to see seminar details);
  2. Then click on the “Register” button on the upper right of this screen and complete the online application form. Note that you will need to input your Seminar Certificate No. when completing the application online. So, remember to keep your Seminar Certificate No. in a safe place after you attend the seminar;
  3. After you complete the online registration form and submit online. The next step is to check your email for instructions to activate your BullionScope Trader account. It is very important that you provide a valid mobile No. when completing the online form. This mobile No. will be used to verify all your future transactions.
  4. Follow the instructions that were sent to your email to complete and activate your BullionScope Trader account.

For the fun of it you can now click on the “Register” button on the upper right of this screen and see the details that we require from you in order to submit an application.

We want all users of the system to understand and get the full benefit of the system. That is why we insist that all Users must first attend a training seminar before they can become a BullionScope Trader.

3. Benefits of being a BullionScope Trader.

As a registered BullionScope Trader you will be able to access your online account to do the following:

  1. You have 24/7 access to our live daily gold price feed;
  2. Lock in your gold price and profit using a mobile phone regardless of your location so long as your phone is connected to the internet;
  3. Set gold price in your account for the system to notify you when the price reaches or drops below your pre-set price;
  4. All the records of all your gold lodgement Receipts are in your account online. This is very important if you are planning to take out a bank loan. You can give access by invitation to your bank or finance company to log in and verify your cash flow;
  5. We work closely with you to ensure there is no delay when you come in to deliver your gold and pick up your cash. This is important for our customers who are located in remote locations.

You can also choose to deliver the gold that you sold using our lock in price system to any of our Agents located across the country.
Usually that will be done at the time that you do a lock in price.